Joe Sarah Photography
Joe Sarah Photography

Food is my passion...

Telling food stories is what I love. when I'm not photographing, I'm  eating, cooking or writing about food. This photo series - Tomato Plant Salad - is for Root to Flower, a collaboration between myself and the chef Charles Michel to promote the use of the forgotten parts of fruits and vegetables.

In line with this, I run my shoots out of my East London studio with a zero-waste policy. 


I like to light...

I am obsessed with light. From an early age my father, who is a lighting director specialising for food TV & commercials, taught me a lot and sparked this interest in me. Having spent a few years working alongside him I picked up a lot of technical knowledge and like to use this to get natural and beautiful photos whatever the weather.


Mindful photography...

The stories behind the plate of food, producer and process is when it gets really exciting as a photographer. The tale of the chicken is a story about the respect for life and the sacrifice that goes with eating meat.


But, sometimes, you can't beat a classic...

Some of the people I've worked with...





Jamie Oliver

Heston Blumenthal

Rodrigo Pacheco

Ashley Palmer Watts - Dinner at the Mandarin Hotel

Coffee Granita

U.K. - Spring

Bordeaux pt. I - Sanquette

Bordeaux pt. II - Tomato Plant Salad



Blood Sugar Diet Cookbook

Psychoactive Supper for New Scientist

BBC's The Victorian Slum



Heinz Baked Beans

Walkers Crisps 

Knorr & Whats-app

Food Utopia's for Somerset House

Jacobs Crackers featuring Charles Michel & Cheese by Alex James

Hat Makers of Pile

Ruchers de Sarah Honey



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